Help Your Business Grow Leveraging Amazon’s Momentum

Help Your Business Grow Leveraging Amazon’s Momentum.


These are difficult times for small businesses. Your business may be just starting or not have as much resources as your bigger competitors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t earn as much profit as they do. You just need to use creative marketing strategies to make your business generate gigantic returns. If you think about it, what company we could learn from as far as growth is concerned?

We did just that and looked online for a leading company in the retail market, trying to find some guidance. To us at INETCLERK LLC, the answer was clear. If there is a company disrupting the retail market worldwide, that is AMAZON. The growth rate in the last few years of the on-line giant is impressive. From on-line bookshop, to cloud infrastructure domination with Amazon Web Services, and now in our opinion the strongest of all: its physical goods shopping business model.

Few people understand Amazon’s selling business model. In fact, it has got many variations. However, some time ago, they launched what in our opinion is a breakthrough which guarantees its future as the world’s shopping center: its Fulfilled By Amazon (FBA) service. FBA is a service that allows businesses, from tiny up to big ones, to sell their own products online, within US and worldwide, with the same rules for everybody. Amazon provides the distribution channel, the warehouses, the ordering processes, and delivery of the goods to the buyer’s address. Business owners can at last focus on building their brands and manufacture their products. The distribution channel and selling services provided by Amazon are very difficult to beat. Amazon’s online recognition as an authority site just helps tremendously to convert sales for its clients.

Most of the businesses using FBA do not even manufacture their branded products themselves. They brand private labeled products manufactured by factories in China, USA or anywhere in the world. Brand owners can simply focus on marketing their products in Amazon, social networks and anywhere on-line or offline, with the most lightweight business model ever to sell physical products. It is not surprising that traditional shop owners are feeling the heat as their customers move to purchase more and more goods on-line. INETCLERK’s advice to those small business owners is to “join the stream early before they are crushed by the forthcoming torrent.”

You may be thinking… but where do I start? I am not a technical person. I have never bought anything at Amazon. I do not manufacture what I sell. How can I create my own brand? Well, let me tell you one thing. We at INETCLERK did not know any of those things either. However, we are now selling in Amazon big time! We just recognized the leverage provided by Amazon’s FBA service. As marketing experts, we now market our own brands, and it is very very rewarding.

We learned how to sell in Amazon with the best coaching program in existence. This program is called Amazing Selling Machine. This is a training course that provides the knowledge and the tools to do everything necessary correctly at the precise time: how to choose the right product to sell, how to select your suppliers, how to package and brand your product, how to ship the items to FBA’s warehouses, how to design your Amazon page, how to market it inside and outside Amazon’s site, etc. The program takes eight weeks of training to bring you from starter level to being a pro. It is the best investment you can possibly do nowadays bearing in mind how traditional business models are struggling to survive in the emerging new retail market paradigm.

There are bad news and good news now! Bad news: this amazing training material is not available to everybody. Amazing Selling Machine has been open to the public only three times in the past. At most a few thousand people could get their hands on the program. Good news: The program is being re-launched for the fourth time right now. So, if you want to revolutionize your business or just start one from scratch now and be profitable in two months, then it is your time to take action.

The program’s current launch site is here:

Register and learn about the program content. You will have time to make the right decision. However, do not delay and stay in the dark. You will thank me that you knew about Amazing Selling Machine reading this blog post.

For those that join Amazing Selling Machine’s fourth launch from us we have and special bonus at INETCLERK. As video marketing specialists, we will produce 12 professional 50-seconds video branding commercials, one video per month for a whole year, to boost the quality of your brand as soon as you are ready to sell in Amazon. These commercials would have a cost of $2,000 each, but we will make them for you at no cost. They will show good reviews you received on your products and help you build the reputation of your brand to attract even more customers. That’s how confident we are that you will have success selling in Amazon if you follow the coaching program. The only thing we hope to get back from you is that you count on us to run your marketing campaigns if you get satisfied with the quality of the commercials, and your testimonial as a satisfied customer of ours. No commitment from your end.

I wish you success at Amazon. I know you will succeed.

All the best.